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Angel Island

San Francisco Angel Island
Angel Island
San Francisco Island



Angel Island is a hilly, grass and forest-covered island, the largest in San Francisco Bay. It is located one mile from the Tiburon Peninsula. The park covers 740 acres and is 788 feet high at the top of Mt. Livermore. It provides spectacular views of Marin County, San Francisco, and the Golden Gate, and the entire Bay Area. In addition to recreational facilities (hiking, biking, camping, boating), it is rich in historical significance.

For over six thousand years, it was used by Miwok Indians as fishing and hunting site. For almost 100 years - stretching from the Civil War to the Cold War- the island housed a variety of military installations, including supporting troops on their way to and from the Pacific Theaters in WWI and WWII. It also played a major role in the settlement of the West, serving both as a Public Health Service Quarantine Station, and an Immigration Station.

Today, trails and fire roads provide easy access to the whole island, including many historic sites and breathtaking views. Tours are available at many of the historic sites, especially on weekend days during the high season from April to October or November.